About us

About us

February 14, 2024

Grips4u has been producing grips for over 15 years. We specialize in hardwood (mostly walnut) grips for pistols and revolvers. All production is done on modern computerized machinery (CNC) and the grips are also hand finished, assuring a proper fit and function. Not only are they attractive, but also extremely functional.  We make our products in larger batches, this way we can sell them for less, while maintaining high quality. (Sorry, we do not produce custom grips.) We also make some related items (eg. screws, ...) and keep most of our products in stock, ready to be shipped.

   During our years in business, we have gained a respected position among the manufacturers of grips in the US and have opened a subsidiary in the European Union, in order to make our products more accessible to our customers in Europe and around the world. 

   Our new facility has complementary full manufacturing capabilities of our US branch, thus we are able to produce a full assortment of products and satisfy the increasing demand for our grips outside of the US.

   Grips4u values your business and welcomes any input on how to serve you better. Please, write us - it's rewarding to read your praise, and helpful to read your criticism. We really want to make our products for you as best we can. Also, based on your suggestions, we can continually improve our products and extend their variety.