BERETTA 92S type 2 grips (partially checkered)


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These grips fit Beretta model 92S, with the large circular hammer pin end on the gun (which is from the FS) and the corresponding cutout inside on the top of the left grip (this pin is found on the 92FS and 92F). These grips are for guns with the slide-mounted safety only.
Check the hammer pin (pivot) on your gun by removing the left grip panel. If your gun has the larger headed pin from the 92FS (over 3/8" diameter), please order these grips TYPE 2 for the 92S. The TYPE 2 grips are machined to accommodate the larger head on the hammer pivot pins used later in the series.

These grips will fit the standard factory 92S; they will not accommodate added "enhanced" or "extended" fire controls such as safety levers or slide release levers.

The grips are carved out of naturally dried French walnut. We do not stain our grips, therefore each grip is unique in color and grain. To protect the surface of each grip, it is treated with a special mix of natural oils.
These grips are partially checkered.

Our grips have similar design and thickness as original plastic grips. These grips can be used by both right-handed and left-handed shooters.