CZ 75 grips type 1 (checkered)


These grips fit models: CZ 75 B new edition (thru 2017 mfg only), CZ 75 B stainless (thru 2017 mfg only), CZ 75 B Ω (Omega) without decocker and CZ 75 SP-01. These do not fit the CZ-75B edition frame made after 2017 as the frame was changed. If your gun has a decocker function, these are not the correct grips for it. See our other CZ-75 grip types.

They are made from English or French walnut of beautiful grain patterns and coloring. Every set is unique as the wood is not stained and the oil finish allow the natural beauty of the wood shine trough.
These are ambidextrous grips, designed to improve handling of your gun. The checkering is fine and sharp.
To fasten our grips the original screws can be used, or the see our CZ screws from our own production.