TANFOGLIO P19 grips (checkered+logo)


These grips fit Tanfoglio model P19 and model M19 pistols. They also fit the smal-frame EAA Witness 9mm & .40S&W caliber models (the .40S&W having EAA part number EA40B SKU #999123) that were imported back in early 2000. Please contact us for more information before purchasing these grips if you have a Witness model, as these do NOT fit .45acp models (due to their larger frames) and may not fit later "Witness" production dates.

They are made from French walnut of beautiful grain, patterns and coloring. Every set is unique as the wood is not stained and the oil finish allow the natural beauty of the wood shine trough.
These are ambidextrous grips, designed to improve handling of your gun. The checkering is fine and sharp.
To fasten our grips use the original screws.